About Me

I'll make it brief...

Hi!  My name is Darren and, along with a few other hobbies, swimming is one that I thoroughly enjoy.  
I started swimming around 8 years old when I was living in Cyprus, hard not to really!  I was never a competitive swimmer, so speed wasn't my forte, but through school I achieved a load of the ASA badges - If you don't remember, these were Gold, Silver and Bronze badges awarded for you time to swim a length for each stroke.  There were a load of others, but I can't remember.  
After school, at 16, I joined the British Army and for the next 10 years didn't swim much at all.
After leaving the Army in 2007, I watched a program about the British Gas Great Swim at Windermere, which covered the distances of 1 or 2 miles.  I thought I'd sign up for the next event, and before I knew it I had taken part in a load of swimming events, leading up the 10km.  It was at this point I thought I could re-ignite a dream of mine, which was to swim across the English Channel to France.