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About Me

I'll make it brief...

My name is Darren and currently live in Scotland with my wife and 3 dogs!  Along with a few other interests, such as running and breathing exercises, swimming is one that I tend to focus on the most and thoroughly enjoy.  I wanted to try and create a website that gives an insight as to how I progress in my distance swimming journey, covering events, challenges, techniques and kit that I've used along the way.     
I started swimming when I was about 8 years old whilst living in Cyprus.  I have early memories of swimming in the beautiful mediterranean sea, often tracking my dad as he was scuba diving below before heading back to shore after losing sight of him!  I then went to boarding school when I was 11 and took up pool swimming, nothing drastic like getting up at 5 in the morning and hammering up and down the pool for a few hours, but there were inter-house swim galas to introduce a bit of competitiveness, but I never really won anything.

After leaving school at 16, I joined the British Army and for the next 10 years didn't swim much at all.
After leaving the Army in 2007, I managed to catch a TV program about the British Gas Great Swim event at Windermere, which covered distances of 1 or 2 miles.  Seeing all the competitors swimming and achieving their ambitions made me want to get involved.  So without hesitation I signed up for the next event, and before I knew it I had taken part in lots of swimming events, leading up the 14km Thames Marathon swim.  It was at this point I thought I could re-ignite a dream of mine, which was to swim across the English Channel to France.

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