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Interestingly, when I was younger, I never used to swim with goggles.  When I was about 8 we lived in Cyprus so I swam in the sea, following my dad as he went out scuba-diving further out.  I remember opening my eyes under water, having blurred vision, not knowing what was around me.  I guess being young I probably thought it 'wasn't cool' but now I wouldn't be without them!


Over the past 4 years or so I've tried many different brands such as Speedo, Aquasphere, Swans and Huub.  I've finally settled for Huub Aphotic goggles as I find they fit my tiny face nicely and have never experienced any leaking.  They are also very comfortable, I wore them fore more than 15 hours and had no issues. 


There are obviously many brands and styles of goggles and the ones you choose will be dependant on a number of factors, such as where you are swimming, how long you are swimming for, whether you wear glasses and, not to be too polite, the 'size and structure' of your face.  You may frown at that last one, but some brands do come with different bridge sizes (the bits that hold the two lenses together over your nose).  


So where are you swimming? In a pool, outdoors with low light conditions, or some hot country with sunshine all round?    


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